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QHow do I check on an order?
AVisit to check on an order.
QWhen will I receive my first issue of the magazine I purchase?
APlease allow 8-10 weeks from the date we receive your order to receive your first issue.
QCan I renew a current subscription?
AYes, simply complete your name and address information exactly as it appears on the address label of your most current issue of that magazine and indicate 'renewal' during the checkout process.
QIs ordering online safe?
AUsing a credit card online is safe on our site. We protect the security of your information through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you provide. Your information will never be shared by us with any publisher or merchant.
QWhat happens to my credit card information? Is it secure?
AThe security of your credit card information is protected by payment processing software which encrypts the information you provide and hides all but the last four digits of your credit card number. Your information will never be shared by us with any publisher or merchant.
QDo you deliver outside the US?
AWe are only able to deliver magazines to U.S. addresses (with a valid five digit US zip code).
QHow do I send magazine subscriptions to more than one address?
AWhen you select the 'give as a gift' option for a particular magazine, you will be prompted to enter in the name and address of the person to whom you are sending that magazine selection.
QHow do I change my address if I move?
AYou may change your address by contacting us via e-mail at or calling us at 800-284-9711. It may take up to 8 weeks for address changes to take effect.
QHow do I credit the school and student I choose for my purchase?
AIf you are supporting a school and student you will be asked to identify the school or group that you wish to support with your purchase. Once identified, we will then ask you to provide the first and last name of the student you wish to receive credit for the sale. (This information is kept confidential and is shared internally and only with the particular school/group you've identified.)
"Orders placed using promotional emails from students or our facebook link will already have the school and student information embedded within the link. It’s that easy – no need to enter the information yourself"
QHow much of my purchase actually winds up benefiting the school or organization?
AYour purchase of magazines or gift products will result in a minimum of 40% of the retail price you pay (excluding shipping & handling) being received by the school or organization.
QHow do I order a gift subscription?
AYou may order a gift subscription in one of two ways:
1) When you find a magazine you wish to send as a gift, use the 'give as a gift' option and you will be prompted to enter the name and address of the person to whom you wish to send this subscription.
2) You may purchase a $25.00 gift card. With this option, the gift recipient may redeem the gift card for the magazine(s) of his or her choice.
QHow are gift cards redeemed?
AThe recipient will redeem the gift card online at by making a selection(s) and using the gift card as the payment method. Any remaining balance on the gift card may be used at a later date to purchase additional magazines.
QHow will the recipient know that I’ve purchased a gift for them?
AYou have the option to download a complimentary card that you can print and mail or give to the recipient.
QHow do I make a change to the magazine I ordered?
APlease contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 800-284-9711 to inquire about changing your order.
QHow do I find a specific magazine I am interested in?
AYou may find a specific magazine by using the search function on the left side of the screen. Just enter the name of the particular magazine and select 'Go' You may also browse alphabetically or by interest category to locate a particular title.